The University of Chieti and Pescara "Gabriele D'Annunzio" was founded in 1965. From 1982 it is a state founded university. Nowadays the university has 13 departments and 2 schools situated in the cities of Chieti and Pescara. The main campus is in Via dei Vestini in Chieti Scalo, where the Chancellor's office and the general administration offices are also located. The other campuses are the one in Pescara and the CIAPI in Chieti, Viale Abruzzo.

University website: (English version)

Academic calendar
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List of departmental Erasmus coordinators
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List of the departments, the offices and their locations:
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Chieti Campus Map 
PLEASE NOTICE: Even if the university has 2 campuses, the one in Pescara and the other one in Chieti, we advice you to rent a house in Pescara even if your department is at the Chieti campus. Pescara is the place in which most of erasmus activities take place and is also full of places in which students can go for having fun. If you are not able to find an accomodation before you're arrival, do not worry we will help you with the housing procedure. You can reach Chieti with the direct busses which connect the two cities in 15 minutes.